Daniël Otten

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and interested in type theory and category theory.




Research Projects

Spring 2024 Sheaves, Games, and Model Completions.
A reading group delving into the book by Silvio Ghilardi and Marek Zawadowski.
Spring 2023 Shelah’s eventual Categoricity Conjecture.
Organisors: Rodrigo Almeida, Lingyuan Ye.
This reading group, framed as a quest to understand Espindola’s proof of Shelah’s eventual categoricty conjecture, is focused on the study of categorical model theory. Topics include: categorical logic, infinitary logic, and topos-theoretic completeness theorems.
Winter 2022 What makes Logics (Un)decidable?
Supervisor: Balder ten Cate.
A project to understand decidability results for modal logic, monadic second-order logic, the guarded fragment, and fixedpoint logic.
Talk: Fixedpoint Logic, with Lide Grotenhuis. slides
Fall 2021 Set Theory Student Seminar.
Organisor: Rodrigo Almeida.
A seminar by and for master students on various set theoretic topics.
Talk: Adding Classes to Set Theory: ZFC ⊆ NBG ⊆ MK. slides
Summer 2021 Formalising Effective Kan Fibrations.
Supervisors: Benno van den Berg, Eric Faber.
We formalised the results of a paper by Benno van den Berg and Eric Faber. This work is motivated by applications in homotopy theory and univalent type theory.
Winter 2021 Advanced Set Theory: Forcing and Independence Proofs.
Supervisor: Yurii Khomskii.
We studied a proof for the independence of the continuum hypothesis in set theory: by constructing models for both ZFC + CH and ZFC + ¬CH.
Talk: Forcing ¬CH, with Lide Grotenhuis. slides


Since 2022 PhD Candidate.
ILLC, University of Amsterdam.
Supervisors: Benno van den Berg, Herman Geuvers.
2020–2022 Master of Logic.
University of Amsterdam. cum laude
- Mathematics Track,
- Computation Track.
2016–2020 Bachelor of Mathematics.
Leiden University. cum laude
2016–2020 Bachelor of Computer Science.
Leiden University. cum laude